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Located at the head of the Cove, Bubba Magoos' purple-licious building greets over 800,000 people each year as they visit Peggy's Cove Nova Scotia to see the famous lighthouse. Hop into Bubba's humongous neon green Adirondack chair for the perfect photo op!


With interior walls lined in 100 year old silver birch planks, Bubba Magoos is an intriguing juxtaposition between traditional Maritime structural charm and contemporary candy and fudge decadence.


We boast an eye-popping assortment of candy bags, fudge slabs, buttery cookies, Lobster Poop, and many other treats that will delight your entire crew. At the BubbaEATS takeout window dine on our signature Nova Scotian inspired Donair Fries/Wontons/Corn-dog, or perhaps juicy Sliders, Mozza Stix,  or other savory fare. Our ice cream sandwiches are big, bold and delectable... the ideal I'm-on-vacay indulgence!

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48 Peggy's Point

Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia

Canada B3Z 3S2